Advertising with us

Green Bay City Pages is the only alternative weekly newspaper in Green Bay. Our weekly publication covers local arts, entertainment, culture, food and drink, film and more. Our event calendar is the only comprehensive, complete source for arts, entertainment and events in the region. 

Published every Thursday, Green Bay City Pages is a great way to reach thousands of active people in the Greater Green Bay area. Our readers are well educated, professional, involved and have expendable income.

City Pages circulation is not forced, which means every copy circulated is sought out. It is free, convenient, and accessible.

Advertising logistics

• Green Bay City Pages is published Thursday mornings (Wednesdays for certain holidays).

• Ad space reservations due by end of business on Fridays prior to publication.

• Our in-house designers can produce your ad, or professionally made PDFs may be submitted, contact us for specifications.

• Print sizes and rates based on a modular system—3/4-page, ½-page, 1/3-page, etc.

• Production of online advertising on our website generally follows industry standards (banner, rectangle, etc). Special online opportunities also may be available.

• For more information or to place an advertisement, please email Erin DeMay at

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