Circulation Data

Green Bay City Pages is audited quarterly and annually by Verified Audit Circulation. Verification of distribution is conducted by monitoring distribution locations. This monitoring includes verification of the number of copies distributed and the number remaining at the close of the distribution period. An audit of internal records is conducted by a specially trained auditor in conformity with accepted circulation audit procedures. Printing, distribution and subscription records as well as financial documents in support of data submitted by the publisher are reviewed prior to issuance of the Initial Audit Report and annually thereafter.

Circulation Coverage

Published every Thursday, Green Bay City Pages is a locally owned arts and entertainment newspaper published by Multi Media Channels LLC. The publication is available free at well-traveled drop sites around the Greater Green Bay metro area and throughout Brown County.

Pick it up at grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and other businesses. 

Become a Drop Site!

If your business would like to become a drop site location or if you have a suggestion regarding a current or new drop site location please email Distribution Manager Lynn Schoohs at

Where Can I Pick It Up?

Green Bay City Pages can be found at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and other local businesses. Click the link below to view our drop site locations.

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