You’ve heard of black cat…

White Dog Café stands as a staple on Broadway

By Bruce Kong

White Dog Café is located on 201 S Broadway, right across from the Sardine Can. Bruce Kong Photos

Now that summer is officially in full swing, the folks of Greater Green Bay have ample opportunities to enjoy a stroll down Broadway.

White Dog Café – located at 201 S Broadway – stands as a summer staple for those looking to grab a burger and refreshing beverage – promising customers a cozy atmosphere as soon as they walk in.

The interior decorations can give the impression that the café leans more on the casual side, however, its customers are still treated with the highest regard.

The menu is easy on the eyes – a quick scan on one side is enough to decide what to order – and allows the waitstaff to provide efficient service for hungry diners.

White Dog is known for its Hungry Cat Burger – a grilled half-pound burger stacked high with onions, lettuce and tomatoes, wedged between two golden-crusted grilled cheese sandwiches.

The juicy patty paired with the bun and veggies makes the White Dog Burger a staple at the café.

From a first glance, the White Dog Burger may appear plain.

The bun is not the typical round sesame seed bun, and there was not a drip of sauce to be found anywhere.

That’s where I was proven wrong.

A burger doesn’t need to be drenched in sauce to be delicious.

What matters more is the first bite; it’s the attention grabber, the capturing moment.

The grilled burger patty paired with the out-of-the-box bun was the first thing to greet my taste buds before an assortment of flavors took over.

The veggies that come with a burger may seem immaterial, though they add a sweeter palate, which balances out the savory patty.

And don’t forget the pickle – otherwise, it sits off to the side withered and alone.

The burger is not the only mouth-watering item on the menu.

Chips and dip may be one of the most underrated dishes in any restaurant; it’s a conversation starter meant to be passed around amongst a group of friends.

The appetizer is a specialty that touches upon a few universal favorites, such as jalapeño and chorizo.

While the jalapeño and chorizo add a ton of flavor, the queso itself didn’t draw much attention and had a slight gritty texture.

White Dog’s chips n’ dip appetizer comes with jalapeños and chorizo, adding a ton of flavor.

Do not be concerned with the portion sizes – White Dog is not stingy – and if you are dining alone, you may need a to-go box.

A Friday fish fry is a common end-of-the-work-week meal for Wisconsinites, and White Dog Café is aboard the popular dish’s bandwagon.

The restaurant offers a heaping deep-fried walleye plate supplemented with baby cake potatoes, coleslaw, rye bread and a house-made tartar sauce.

A dinner plate for one – maybe even two – will for sure leave one with eyes bigger than their stomach.

For those looking to enjoy a filling meal in a relaxed environment, White Dog is the way to go.

Hours of operation and White Dog’s full menu can be found at

Bruce Kong is a freelance writer focusing primarily on food and restaurant reviews. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in Spring 2022.

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